I just want to be able to snack at my desk/in my bed watching TV/all the time and not feel guilty.

I just want to eat the food that I like and not gain weight.

I just want to be on a diet and not have to eat a bunch of vegetables.

I’m tired of gluten-free snacks that taste like cardboard.

Sound familiar? Well, these are no longer impossible dreams and wishful thinking. Eating good snacks is one of the greatest pleasures in life, but can cause a lot of shame and guilt.

Want to remove that guilt and shame from your snacking behaviors? Look no further!

Whether you are choosing to eat gluten-free for your health or because your doctor told you to, it can be tough to find delicious cravable snacks that are gluten-free.

Hungry? Keep reading for 9 gluten-free snacks that’ll blow your mind.

1. Boom. Chicka. Pop. 

Popcorn is one of the most snackable items in the world and lucky for you, it’s gluten-free! There are several varieties both sweet and savory to enjoy. A few handfuls won’t break your calorie budget and will satisfy your craving.

You can find this variety of popcorn as well as others at most grocery stores and even online retailers. By in bulk because you’ll want more!

2. RX Bars

A few simple ingredients and a ton of awesome flavors, RX bars are a great on-the-go snack that has the added bonus of keeping you full.

The ingredients can be found right on the front of the package – mostly a combination of nuts, figs, and egg whites. This small bar packs a lot of flavor and there are many varieties to choose from. My personal favorites are maple sea salt and coffee chocolate.

3. Farmhouse Cheddar Almond Flour Crackers

Think Cheez-It, only gluten-free! These crackers are a must-have for that salty, cheesy crunchy combination of goodness. Made by Simple Mills these crackers may be more difficult to find in your average grocery store, but they are worth tracking down at a specialty store like Whole Foods or online. 

4. Tate’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

Shut the front door – did you say cookies?! Yes, I did. And the chocolate chip cookies from Tate’s are some of the best around. They are the thin and crispy variety of cookies that are so snackable it’s insane.

There are other varieties of Tate’s cookies that are also worth exploring. And if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you should try this recipe for Tate’s cookies at home.

5. Cilantro Lime Turkey Sticks

I know what you’re thinking, “turkey sticks” doesn’t have the most appealing ring to it but don’t knock ’em till you try ’em! 

These jerky-type snacks have 7 grams of protein and are easy to pack in your bag for after a workout or just because it’s 3pm and you’re starving. Made from free-range turkey and naturally sweetened there is nothing to feel guilty about when munching on one of these snacks.

6. Dried fruit

If you’re looking for a snack on-the-go or in the middle of the workday and your best option is a convenience store, don’t freak out and start buying everything in site. 

Instead, look for dried fruit!

There are a lot of different varieties – cherries, apples, or cranberries that are all delicious. If you’re the type of person that likes gummy candies and that chewy/sweet sensation, dried fruit is a great gluten-free option at snack time.

There are a lot of different brands out there for dried fruit and some of them even come as dried fruit and nut mixtures, yum! You can always go online and compare brands before purchasing the dried fruit of your dreams. 

7. Rice cakes and peanut butter

This is a snack so delicious that children ages 3 to about 90 enjoy it. Seriously. The combination of that crunchy rice cake and peanut buttery goodness knows no age boundary. Add a banana on top and you’re now the Gordon Ramsey of healthy gluten-free snacks.

Rice cakes are usually made of brown rice or some other gluten-free grain which is great news for you! Then, pick the peanut butter you like the best. Crunchy? Smooth? Or even another nut butter if you’re feeling wild. Spread about a tablespoon on top and indulge in a gluten-free snack you can feel good eating.

Fruit can easily be added to this duo to make a lovely trio. Blueberries, banana, apples, or blackberries add a pop of color to the snack and are another healthy add-on to your snack any time of day. 

8. Gluten-free pretzels

Do you know what goes very well with a gluten-free beer? Gluten-free pretzels! 

For a long time, gluten-free eaters had to steer clear or every variety of pretzel offered. Times have changed my friend … and for the better! There are now several varieties of gluten-free pretzels that you can snack on worry-free.

If you’re having trouble deciding what brand of gluten-free pretzel to buy, just buy them all and do a taste test! Or, if you don’t want to buy 10 different bags of pretzels, the taste test has been done for you. Check this out. 

9. Gluten-free donuts

Did I save the best for last? You bet I did. Maybe not the healthiest option in the world, but it is gluten-free!

Katz gluten-free donuts come in a few varieties like powdered and glazed and can be purchased at most grocery stores or even online. There are other brands to choose from for your donut pleasure, so consider another taste test for gluten-free donuts as well.

Sometimes, you just want a donut. 

Snack Away!

These gluten-free snacks are a must-try. You will not be disappointed. If you are looking for even more ideas on gluten-free snacking, check this out!

For all your other snacking related needs you can also visit: SnackLazy.com

Do not snack in shame any longer!

By Wayne T.

Wayne, the proud founder of SnackLazy, is a self-proclaimed food and health expert—he eats every day and thinks about exercise from time to time. Wayne's mission is to eat right and feel good while putting in the least amount of effort possible, which is what SnackLazy is all about.

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