Carrots aren’t the only veggie that’s chocked full of health benefits. In fact, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 healthiest vegetables. Keep reading to find out what they are so you can stock up and have your late-night snack with no guilt attached.

10 Healthy vegetables to snack on

1. Spinach 

While eating a can of spinach won’t instantly turn you into a strong man like Popeye, it will raise your calcium levels and increase your muscle strength. One cup will provide all the vitamin K you need for the day and give you over half of your recommended dose of vitamin A. 

It contains helpful antioxidants that have the potential to decrease your risk of cancer and it’s heart-healthy. So, take a lesson from everyone’s favorite sailor and snack on it, put it in your salad, or blend it into a smoothie. 

2. Beet Greens

Turns out the leafy top of the beet is about as healthy for you as the veggie itself. Like spinach, it’s full of the vitamin K you need to keep type 2 diabetes away. One cup will give you about twice your recommended daily dose.

There are multiple ways you can eat these but the easiest way is to chop them up and add them to soups and pasta. 

3. Kale 

Kale is the newest fad that people from all over are adding to their smoothies. It is a superfood so it’s popularity isn’t without reason. It contains a plant compound that has the potential to keep cancer away. 

This compound is no longer effective if you cook the kale, however. So, if you want to take advantage of this benefit you’ll need to eat the vegetable raw. 

On top of this helpful compound, it’s also full of vitamins K and C, beta creatine, and calcium. See what we mean by superfood? 

4. Carrots 

Eating carrots will do more than improve your vision. The antioxidant that gives carrots their bright orange color also has the potential to fight cancer. They make the perfect snack because it doesn’t take many of them to make you feel full. 

Eating a handful of them at 10 PM beats getting a bowl of well, almost anything else because you won’t take in that many calories.  

5. Beets 

Eating Beets is a good way to get nitrates. If you’re unfamiliar with what nitrates are, they keep your blood pressure regulated. Beets are also a good source of fiber which means your digestive system loves them. 

You can roast beets in the oven, or grate them and use them as a flavorful topping for sandwiches. 

6. Red Bell Pepper

You can cut up and eat as many red bell peppers as you want because they’re quite low in calories. They contain double your recommended dose of vitamin C as well as vitamin B and beta carotene. 

Like with kale, if you cook red bell peppers they lose some of the nutritional value that they possess. You’ll need to eat them raw if you want to reap the rewards.  

7. Broccoli 

Broccoli is delicious in almost any form and it has cancer-fighting potential. They offer heart protection and help with certain chronic diseases as well. 

On top of these amazing feats, broccoli is bursting with vitamin K, vitamin C, potassium, and manganese. You can steam broccoli, snack on them, or whip them into a yummy stirfry. 

8. Brussels Sprouts

We know that Brussels sprouts have the reputation of being gross but hear us out.  They’re full of compounds that help prevent cancer. 

On top of their cancer-fighting ability, they contain folate, vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, and manganese. You can roast them but they work much better when eaten raw.

9. Asparagus

All you need is half a cup of asparagus to fulfill your body’s folate requirement for the day. Folate helps protect your body from diseases and can even stop tube birth defects from happening. 

Asparagus can decrease inflammation and fight the free radicals that cause wrinkles. It’s good for your brain’s cognitive health too. 

You can snack on asparagus raw or shave it into ribbons with a vegetable peeler. It makes a great topper for salads. 

10. Bok Choy 

Bok choy is a Chinese cabbage that can be eaten raw or tossed into a salad. It and other cruciferous veggies like it have the potential to protect your body against certain cancers. 

Bok choy contains phosphorous, zinc, vitamin K, iron, and other vitamins and minerals that are essential to bone health. This superfood is also heart-healthy, it can regulate your blood pressure, it’s great for your skin, and it can fight against type 2 diabetes. 

The Top 10 Healthiest Vegetables to Put in Your Snack Bowl 

Are you craving some kind of late-night snack? Put one of these top 10 healthiest vegetables into your bowl. They fight against cancer, can keep weight off, and most of them contain your body’s daily dose of essential vitamins and minerals. 

So, snack away. Your body will thank you and since it’s healthy, you won’t feel a twinge of guilt about it. 

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